Pooper Scooper Service


We clean up after your dog

We are established for providing seamless dog pooper scooper service to make communities in Los Angeles area poop-free. The major complaint of Los Angeles residents is their lack of downtime: Long shifts, hectic schedules, running errands after work make it hard to find time to relax. At least we want to make sure you don’t have to deal with your furry friend’s poop in your relaxing time!

In short; we literally just come to your place and clean the dog poop out of your back yard… Sounds good?

walking dog

Do yourself a favor and HIRE US

➡ Pet waste carries disease that can track in on shoes / feet to the house.

➡ Dog poop STINKS! Get that yard looking & smelling great again!

➡ Pet waste can harm your plants / grass if left for too long.

➡ We save you time! No more time spent in the yard bending over and picking up poop!

Dog poop is nasty but someone has to pick it up. We want to do this job for you!


5 Star Pooper Scooper Service

My mom has back problems and cleaning her 3 dobermans’ poop out of her backyard is a real hassle. After we started hiring Poomates regularly, this nasty problem became history! They come, do the job and leave. Awesome service, highly recommended! Crystal R. from Studio City
We have a golden retriever and oh boy he loves to poop on every corner of our backyard. I admit picking up dog poop is a stinky job for most (including me) and it’s hard to find the poop to pick up from grass. In short, this service rocks! Melody S.  from Beverly Hills
What a brilliant idea! I stopped picking up my dogs’ poo from my backyard a while ago (call me lazy) and my backyard was like a mine shaft that you can’t walk comfortably. This is a service every home+dog owner should sign up for! Edmund Garcia Z. from Valley Glen
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